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Different Types Of Roses For Your Rose Garden In Portland

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Roses are eye-catching and they are often used to express your love towards someone or make them feel special. If you love gardening, you can also set up a rose garden in Portland. You can get colorful rose plants and plant them in the garden to make your place lively, colorful, and relaxing.

Here are different types of roses that you can plant.

Rambling Roses For Rose Garden In Portland

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Rambling roses are available in small to medium size and they grow in clusters. They are long and bloom once a year. You should always use decorated structures like pergolas and arches when planning them otherwise your rambling roses will grow throughout the garden.

Alba Roses

Alba Roses have elegant bushes, pale pink or white blossoms, green-blue foliage, and they are tall. They are planted with a hybrid method for many decades. These Alba roses are disease-resistant and they don’t require a lot of maintenance and can grow in cold and shade as well.

China Roses

China roses are one of the best for the rose garden in Portland. They are more fragrant and grow in small sizes in multiple colors. They bloom many times especially in the summer season and fall later than any other variety. That is why most of these roses replace many other roses. However, they are disease-resistant but they need more protection in the winter season.

Gallica Roses For Rose Garden In Portland

Gallica roses come from the many centuries and they are preferred for their lovely scent and medical properties. They are also known as French roses. They come in many shades including red, pink, purple, etc. in a variety of fragrances. Summer season is the most preferable season for blooming and they are able to grow in cold and shade.

Hybrid Rugosa Roses

Hybrid rugosa roses are rarely grown in Northern Japan, Siberia, and Korea. However, they are grouped with Old Garden Roses but officially they are not considered. They blossom with simple, small, and in a limited color palette. They have a lovely fragrance, green foliage, and are also disease-resistant.

Portland Roses

It gets its name from the Duchess of Portland. There were dozens of varieties in the old times, but now there is only a handful. There are many leaves around the flower with a little stem and produce a strong fragrance. They mostly blossom in summer.

Species Roses

Species roses are not hybrid, they are wild roses. They are able to survive with minimum maintenance and mostly blossom with five-petal in the early summer season. Some natural species blossom with thick and quite large petals. They are mostly seen throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Moss Roses

Moss roses come in a range of lovely rose colors with a fragrance that is one of the best for the rose garden in Portland. They are mostly preferred for their pleasant scent of balsam or wood while rubbing. People like to plant these roses for their shrub as it gives a beautiful look to your garden. They blossom once in a year.

Bourbon Roses

Bourbon roses were first found in France. They blossom in many shades like red and white, pink and also have a heady and intense fragrance. There are hardly thorns on the stem. They blossom many times in a year.


Roses have their own place in the garden and no other flower can replace it. If you are willing to set up a rose garden, you can collect huge varieties of roses and make your garden eye-catching and beautiful.

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