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Facts About World Famous Kew Gardens

Some Important Information On Kew Gardens

Do you want to know about some of the exciting aspects of kew gardens? This post is about some discussions on the same. So, it’s time for starting the next segment.

What Is Kew Gardens?

Being formally known as Royal Botanic Gardens, the famous kew gardens is nestled in Kew. Moreover, it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2003.

Actually, these gardens consist of certain living plants of 28,680 taxa. Moreover, a herbarium is also there of dried specimens of around seven million.

Some Important Information On Kew Gardens
Some Important Information On Kew Gardens

Some Other Information About Kew Gardens

An amazing library is also there with around 130,000 volumes along with various archived materials, prints, periodicals, and drawings.

The incredibly fine collections of succulents, tropical ferns, Australian plants, and tropical orchids are really mesmerizing. In simple words, kew gardens is really a wonderful place.

The Royal Botanic Gardens had started its journey in 1840. It’s actually among the most crucial and expensive botanical gardens around the world.

This place is about the most diverse and the largest mycological as well as botanical groups throughout the world.

Some Interesting Facts About Kew Gardens

Let’s discuss some of the amazing facts of this mind-blowing garden.

The Most Age-Old Pot Plant

Do you know the most aged pot plant in the whole world is there in Kew? Its residence is present inside the well-known Palm House.

And this is a massive Jurassic cyad, which actually appeared to Kew in the year of 1775. So, it’s really awe-inspiring, isn’t it?

The Smallest Royal Palace In London

The restoration of the Kew Palace took a decade of time. And at last in 2006, it had resumed its journey.

The worth-noting point is that it’s the smallest British royal residences among all others. Furthermore, it used to be a well-known doorway of George III.

Some Important Information On Kew Gardens
Some Important Information On Kew Gardens

Segment Of Old London Bridge

During 1968, the age-old 19th-century London Bridge had been purchased by Robert P McCaulloch- an American entrepreneur. And then, he relocated to Lake Havasu of Arizona.

But, approx 200 granite blocks did not actually cover the trip throughout the Atlantic. Furthermore, four of such blocks had been taken by the popular kew gardens.

And then the placement of these blocks was at the banks of the large lake, nearby location of the Sackler Crossing. That means this garden holds a segment of the Old London Bridge. A very interesting fact, isn’t it?

Contributions Towards Climate Control

You will be witnessing ten various climate zones by visiting the Princess of Wales conservatory. The conservatory features wet tropics, dry tropics, smaller micro-climates, etc. And thus it has ensured the fulfillment of the needs of every plant.

The Best Time to Visit Kew Gardens

Do you want to visit this mesmerizing place? Then, you must remember its timings. This world-renowned garden remains open every day.

And the timing is from 10 am to 6 pm. For more specific information, you should check its schedule. Now, you can start planning a trip to kew gardens.

Now, you’re familiar with various facts of this amazing place. To know more information about the same, you can contact an experienced gardener.

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