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Handy Watering Solutions For Your Home Garden

A vegetable garden in the city? Better yet right in your very own backyard. A raised vegetable garden is the most efficient way to cultivate a reasonably sized garden even with very little space. If the weather is also a bit of a hindrance, the ideal garden hose will work for you. And we want to assure you now, it’s not as difficult as you imagine.

Garden Hose: Watering A Raised Vegetable Garden

First, let’s talk about the craft itself. Raised gardening is a type of garden where “bed” is created with a crate. These are usually made of wood or of rock. This “bed” is another word for soil, and it is contained with a 3 to 4 foot-wide vessel.

Water Raised Veg Gardens With The Ideal Garden Hose

This kind of garden is usually created by those who are looking to cultivate vegetables (and others, fruits) in their backyard. When plating vegetables typically requires large areas of land (aka fields, etc.), it’s been made more accessible. Accessible to those who don’t own such pieces of land, or don’t have access to them for that matter.

Living in cities and away from the countryside will no longer be a hindrance for raising yummy veggies!

How To Starting Planting: Beginner’s Guide

Once you have your create filled with loam and compost soil, and have applied the right fertilizer, it’s ready.

You’ll want to focus on veggies that can mostly grow in any type of season. To add cold-weather ones will work best when planted a week or two the last frost date, because their growth won’t be impeded by the rise in temperature. These include broccoli, spinach, lettuce, and the like.

Additionally, for warm-weather ones, do the same, but this time, a week or two after the date of frost in your area. Among these are tomatoes, corn, beans, etc.

You can mark these dates down on your calendar so you won’t forget.

Water Raised Veg Gardens With The Ideal Garden Hose

We’re choosing vegetables for your raised garden bed because you won’t have to do much work when it comes to weeding. Watering will also be easier. When you use a garden hose,  you’ll be able to conveniently measure simply by sight just how much the bed requires watering. 

Some Tips:

Moreover, intensive planting is what’s efficient what it comes to box planting. Lessen the number of plants per box to give each one space to fully grow to capacity. Also, this will give their roots space to really spread out.

Don’t think the way farmers and large bed gardeners plant. Always remember, you have very limited space.  There’s no room for row cropping in the most literal sense you can think of. Which means that intensive planting is what you’ll need to learn.

Another tip is to think “up.” We’ve mentioned that it’s not about growing the most number of vegetables at once. Again, the space, folks, we don’t have that luxury. However, try crops that can be cultivated by using vertical sticks as their “beams.” This practice is called trellising.

Also keep in mind that crop rotation is important. Crop rotation give room for soil to “recuperate.” Think of it as you widening the types of vegetables in your planting list.

Below are some our favorite garden hoses you might want to avail of. They’re easy to use at home and don’t require much effort to clean and store.

This one’s good for if your water hose is far from where your raised garden beds are:

Water Raised Veg Gardens With The Ideal Garden Hose
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