How To Use Planters In Your Garden -

How To Use Planters In Your Garden

Garden Planters: What Are They

Do you love greenery but are stuck in a place where you don’t have enough space to setup a lawn? I feel you because in this fast-paced world and concrete jungle, it is a bit difficult to get your hands on a house with large backyard and front lane. But this shouldn’t stop you from planting your garden right! This is the reason why we have these garden planters. The garden planters are the pots and tubs that can be used for gardening purposes. These pots and tubs will add a great aesthetic appeal to any kind of house.

Growing the plants in these garden planters is usually called as “container gardening.” This is ideal for the people who have very less or no space for raising plants.

Garden Planters Aren’t Limited To Flowers

Okay, the first thing that will come to your mind when we talk about these planters is flowers right, but no. These planters are not limited to flowers only. You can grow your veggies too. From basil to different types of herbs there are a plethora of items that you can try out. They add a versatile look to the garden and are capable of becoming the focal point on the whole too.

Container Sizes

Now, let us start discussing about the specifications of these containers. The size is the first thing that we have to discuss here. The first and most important thing that you have to remember here is that plants grow more effectively in large pots only. The small pots have very less soil and it also dries out immediately. In hot climate periods like summer, you have to water them twice if you don’t want your plant to die. The situation is completely different with the large sized container pots.

The large pots hold lot of soil and moisture stays in the soil providing the required support for trees. You can choose the maximum sized pot that perfectly fits in your room.

Garden Planters: What Are They
Garden Planters: What Are They

Water Drainage

No matter whatever type of container you choose, ensure that it has the water drainage facility. Without this drainage the soil will become waterlogged and there are high chances for the plants to die. There is no need for you to get huge holes into the pots, just some small sized holes would suffice. If your container don’t have any holes, drill some by yourself.

Garden Planters: What Are They
Garden Planters: What Are They

Planter Materials

Each garden planters material varies and has some set of pros and cons. The clay pots are the widely used material for garden planters but it is important for you to remember that they are easily breakable. The plastic and fiber material ones are some what good choice. It is better if you go with the cast concrete as they come in different shapes and sizes. They are perfect for all seasons and they can withstand higher temperatures with ease.

Prepping The Container

The containers become heavy as you fill them with the soil. So it is important for you to choose the right placement for the containers before you get started with them.

These are some of the important tips that you have to learn about the garden planters.

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