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Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It

Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It

Greenery and gardens have the power to rejuvenate us both physically and mentally. Zen garden, one of the types of the Japanese garden, is one such garden which will make you feel peaceful and happy. If you are someone who goes through a lot of stress in a day, then this Japanese garden is something that will surely help you. It improves your focus and makes you more well being centric. We all know how important well being is already.

So yeah, let us know more about this Japanese Gen Garden in this article.

What is This Zen Japanese Garden?

Before talking more about this garden type, the first thing that you have to know here is what is this Japanese garden and what sets it apart from the normal gardens. This Zen garden has another name called rock gardens. It is perfectly suited for the people who love seeing controlled settings of the rock, plants, and all the other things. This Japanese garden setting focuses more on serenity, simplicity, naturalness, and austerity.

The first Zen garden was created way back in the sixth century. The Zen Buddhist monks created these gardens for their mediational purposes. With the time, the gardens have been modified, but the setting up of garden and layout are same till date.

Setting Up The Zen Garden

Sand rakes and rocks are the important things in this Zen gardens. It is important for you to place the sand and rocks in a way that it depicts as a meditational place. The trees that you will be using in the Zen garden should be low spreading plants. Do not go with the upright and tall plants as they will ruin the entire meditation setup.

As Zen gardens are more focused for meditation, any kind of disturbance for that should be avoided. The type of stones that you pick for this garden matters a lot. The vertical and upright stones are a representation of trees while the horizontal and flat stones represent water. You can mix and match different kinds of layers to get the desired look in the garden.

Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It
Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It


The Zen garden should also contain a bridge or a path. This acts as a focal point in the entire Japanese garden. They add a distance look to the garden, which makes the entire garden much more beautiful.

The one thing that you have to remember while setting up this Zen garden is that there shouldn’t be any kind of ponds in the garden. Do not set it up near any kind of water bodies.

Peace And Nature

The two main things that Zen garden focuses are- peace and nature. It is important for you to set up this garden in a place where the surroundings are very peaceful. The trees should be perfectly crafted, and you give a sense of connecting with nature. Be careful while picking up the right kind of stones because they also matter a lot.

Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It
Japanese Garden: Know Everything About It

These are some of the most important things that you should know about one of the types of Japanese Garden. If you are someone who is in the lookout for peace and serenity, then this garden is perfect for you.

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