Most Beautiful Garden The Kew Garden - Most Beautiful Garden The Kew Garden -

Most Beautiful Garden The Kew Garden

most beautiful garden the kew garden
most beautiful garden the kew garden
Most Beautiful Garden The Kew Garden

Kew garden is the world’s most beautiful garden.  These gardens are located in southwest London. They have the most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world.  Kew garden first graced the earth in the year 1840 at the Kew Park which is an exotic garden in Middlesex. They have the largest collection of plants in the world. More than 50000 different kinds of plants are present in this garden. It is one of London’s top tourist attractions and is a World Heritage Site.

Royal Botanic Gardens are the caretaker of the Kew Gardens. Kew has research and education institution with international has an international botanical research and education institution which has more than 800 staff. Kew Constabulary is the personal police force of Kew gardens since 1847.


Henry, Lord Capell of Tewkesbury, and Augusta, Dowager Princess of Wales formed the exotic garden at Kew Park. Kew Garden has small communities and mainly gardens. Some plants of the garden came from the walled garden. William Coys constructed the walled garden. In the Great Storm of 1987 Kew Gardens lost hundreds of trees. The Kew Gardens is put on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO.


most beautiful garden the kew garden
Most Beautiful Garden The Kew Garden

Canopy Walkway

A 60 feet above the ground and 660 feet walking path is made for visitors which was opened in 2008. This is the tree canopy of woodland. Lift and stair facility is available for people. David Marks designed the treetop walkway

The Hive

The Hive is 56 feet tall hive is opened in the year 2016 that gives an experience of the extraordinary life of bees and it is set in a wildflower meadow.

Vehicular tour

The vehicular tour is one of the most interesting constructions in the Kew Garden. The route is circular and 74 seater road trains take the visitor for the view. The authority of the garden uses pollution control, Calor Gas fuel in the train. A map guides the visitors on their pathway in the garden. Trained volunteers are available to guide visitors.

Compost heap

Europe’s biggest compost of green and woody waste is in Kew garden. They make manure from the compost, which is used in the garden. You cannot visit this area of the garden. This area is under restriction.

Waterlily House

You will consider it is to be the most humid and hottest place or house in the Kew Garden. There is a large pond in this house that has varieties of water lily and they are the heat-loving plant and manage the ecological balance. In winter, visitors cannot visit the house.

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