Most Famous Botanical Gardens In The World -

Most Famous Botanical Gardens In The World

Most Famous Botanical Gardens in the World

Scientific research organizations or universities usually run and maintain the botanical gardens. Preserving plants for education and research is the purpose of these gardens. Botanical gardens are formed for research purpose. They also display the plants for exhibiting them to the visitors throughout the world. The history of botanical gardens traces back to the physic gardens in Europe. They were formed to research the medicinal purpose of useful plants. Here are some world-famous botanical gardens that welcome visitors from across the globe every year.

London Kew Gardens

Located in London, UK, this one is the biggest botanical garden in the world. It has the largest collection of living plants. It includes approximately thirty thousand species. Apart from its medicinal purpose, the aesthetic appeal of this garden makes it one of the best in the world. Kew Gardens’ area is across 320 acres of landscape. It has art galleries, glass houses, a beautiful lake, and multiple water lily pools. The most attractive feature of Kew Gardens is Davies Alpine House. It is an eco-friendly space that uses underground pipes to maintain the climate. Instead of using refrigerators for storing cool weather plants.

Jardin Botanical Garden

Founded in 1931, the Jardin Botanical Garden in Canada has one of the most attractive outdoor landscapes. It attracts millions of visitors throughout the year.  It has the biggest Chinese Garden outside Asia and a Japanese garden that nurtures bonsai and other Japanese plants. The First-Nations Garden inside Jardin Botanical Garden houses. North American plants and crops that are rare in the world. The outdoor space of Jardin becomes crowded with tourists in summer. The Insectarium attracts tourists in cooler temperature. Children love to see the Butterflies Go Free, which is the main highlight in the Insectarium.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a famous one. It preserves some of the unique flora in the country. Though established for local flora conservation, this botanical garden is more famous for nurturing indigenous plants.
Mandela’s Gold is the Crane Flower in this garden has a unique yellow shade. The yellow waves of Crane in season attracts the visitors. The outdoor space in Kirstenbosch focuses on native plants. Primarily proteas and the indoor conservatory space has a spectacular collection of Karoo, fynbos, savanna, and others.

Most Famous Botanical Gardens in the World
Most Famous Botanical Gardens in the World

Singapore Botanical Garden

Spread across 183 acres of land. The Singapore Botanical Garden was founded in 1859. The main attraction in Singapore botanical garden is the beautiful National Orchid Garden. Which has a three-hectare site preserving more than 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids. Inside Singapore Botanical Garden. There is a tropical rainforest, which is older than the garden itself. Its the area is across six hectares of land and this is one of the two rainforests within the city. The other attractions of Singapore Botanical Garden include a ginger garden. An evolution garden, wild monkeys, terrapins to name a few.

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