Most Important Garden Tools -

Most Important Garden Tools

Most Important Garden Tools

When think about the word garden we mostly think of plants, seed, soil, pots, flowers, trees and so many of them. We generally miss out on the most important things which the tools that is required in our garden. I have got you here some most important tools for your garden.

Most Important Garden Tools

Most Important Garden Tools

Garden Gloves

Many might not think that it is important to use garden gloves but I think it’s very important to use the garden gloves. There are different things that are added to the soil which can be harmful for the skin. You might get skin allergy and rashes so it’s better to use the garden gloves than taking medication. The gloves will not only save your hands from getting dirty and will also protect your hands from injury.

When you have to work with pricking plants, rough stems and thorny branches these gloves will protect your hands from injury. Garden gloves are now available in different colors and according to your skin type. It’s an economical tool and also easily available

Hand Trowel

Hand trowel is a very important tool to use in your garden. It’s a tool which is always recommend to the urban gardeners who have small plants in their balconies or have got pots on their terrace. It’s used for digging up the earth and pulling up leaves and roots.

Hand trowels are used for transferring soil to the pots or planting seeds. This is a must tool for all the gardeners.

Pruning Shears

You can use pruning shears as scissors of the garden.  You can use it for cutting the stems, the extra unwanted branches and the old leaves.

You can basically use it for trimming the plant. When you wish to give your garden a new looks while the onset of a new season, a good pruning shears can do the job for you.

Most Important Garden Tools

Most Important Garden Tools

Garden Spade

You can do digging up and pushing in of the seeding in a pot with the help of the hand trowel. But a big garden requires garden spade. A big garden bed demands for a garden spade. It used in digging big holes in the garden , removing deep rooted plants and thrown dirt aside from one place to other.

Garden Hoe

You can use hoe for preparing your garden onset of spring for planting. The sharp blade of the hoe will help in cutting out the unwanted and dirty patch of growth in your garden bed. You should buy hoe according to the size of your garden. It is available in many sizes. The types of plants in your garden can also determine the hoe you should buy.

For bushy and large garden one should buy big hoe and for flower and delicate plants one should buy delicate blade hoe.

Garden Rake

The rake is short and rigid steel toned made that allows you to break the hard ground. It’s also useful for moving mulch and compost. The flat bar lets you smooth loose material, like mulch and gravel.

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