Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs

Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs

While big trees and other hard-stem plant is good, it’s the shrubs that actually make your garden beautiful and amazing. That’s why every gardener who seeks to make their garden colorful and have sweet-smelling flowers, then the shrubs is a must-have plant that you can’t ignore. But despite their sizes, shrubs are significantly difficult to grow and maintain.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you.

In this article, we’re going to share the top four tips that will help you grow shrubs with ease.

So, let’s begin…

Planting Tips

Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs
Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs

First thing first, make sure the shrub you choose will be able to survive and grow well in your city’s climate or not. That’s why it’s often the best idea to check out your city’s plant nursery first. There, you’ll find a lot of unusual shrubs that will definitely grow in your city’s climate.

Once you take the shrub plant to your home, don’t plant it right away. First, let the shrub grow a bit in the nursery’s pot. Keep the jar of the plant in the place where you’re planning to plant it to ensure it’ll grow once you plant it.

Now, after a few days, dig a hole as deep as the bottom of the pot of your shrub. Before pulling the soil and the shrub out of the pot, be sure to water it so it can stay nourished. Now, plant it in the hole and fill the remaining open space with wet soil.

Pruning Tips To Grow Shrubs

Unlike other trees and plants, you need to prune your shrubs after a certain duration ton ensure they grow fast and stay healthy. And depending on the size of your plant, you might need multiple pruning tools such as hand shears, hedge shears, or loppers.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always prune the shrubs during the spring. Make sure you cut off dead stems, crossing branches, or anything that might slow down your shrubs’ growth.

However, this rule doesn’t apply to the flowering shrubs. Generally, the flower totally blooms in the summer. So, if you prune them during spring, you might end up cutting off the immature blooms. Therefore, always prune the flowering shrubs after the flower blooms.

Watering Tips To Grow Shrubs

Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs
Top 4 Tips You Need To Follow To Grow Shrubs

If you want to grow your shrubs, then you must water them properly at the right time. And this is important, especially for the shrubs you plant for the first time in your garden. In this time, make sure you water your shrubs at least once every week if it’s not raining at all.

Also, when you’re watering the shrubs, make sure you soak the soil properly. It’s important because this way you can make sure that the water will get into the body of the shrubs through its roots. Therefore, they’ll be able to photosynthesis their own food, which will help them keep growing.

Tips To Use Fertilizer On Shrubs

Although fertilizers are important for the plants to grow properly, you shouldn’t use them on shrubs right away. Using compost on a newly planted shrub can be harmful to it and slows its growth.

However, if you see a shrub with a very poor growth rate, then don’t add fertilizers straight away. Instead, try cultivating the soil around the bush a bit and mulch it with compost. Make sure you cut the dry stems and take care of the pests.

If you still don’t see any improvement in the shrub, then you can add fertilizers to it according to the package recommendation.

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