What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?

What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?

Don’t you get amazed at this time of the year with warm weather and lots of sunshine? In this spring season, it’s time for some cool flower pots and refreshing craft projects makeover. There are hundreds of ways available to decorate flower pots and craft projects, but the ideas that we discuss below are one the cheapest and easiest ideas. The best part is for following these ways, and you need a few items like a small clay pot, white glue, waterproofing spray, paper, and fabric.

What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?
What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?

Here Are The Best Decorating Flower Pots Ideas:

Decorate With Fabric:

Use fabric as decoration material is one of the best designs. You will need to lay glue to the flower pot which you want to cover and then wrap fabric on it. Moreover, if you want to change the look and color of the pot, you can paint them before placing a cloth.

Acrylic Paint:

This is also the best idea to use gold leaf and acrylic paint to bring a chic makeover on your flower pots. For this, use tape to point the design or pattern you want to make.  Then, apply the acrylic paint on the outer surface of the planner and a little bit on the inner surface. Then, remove the tape, put some adhesive to the empty spots, and place gold leaf on it.

Decorate With A Newspaper:

A fantastic and easy option is to decorate your pot with crafts paper or newspaper.  This idea is really simple and won’t require any expansive items. For this, take a newspaper, terra cotta pots, some twine, and acrylic paint. Put mod podge on the outer surface of the pot and stick the pieces of newspaper to it. After that, seal it with mod podge and paint the rim by your favorite colors.

What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?
What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?

Decorate With Gold Leaf:

This way is really worth and chic a try. So, for this idea, you need glue, gold leaf, and white paint. In essence, you have to make a gold leaf with gold gift wrapper and then stick them at the bottom of the pot in a random pattern.


Just like gold leaf, you can use glitter to decorate a pot. For this, first, you need to paint the pot if they don’t have your desired color. Then use glitter and mod podge to cover the bottom part of the pot. Moreover, you can use tape or paper to get a good clean line.

Plastic Decorative Flower Pots

What Are The Best Ways To Decorate Flower Pots?

To make your garden more beautiful and attractive, try plastic decorative flower pots. This decorative element comes in a variety of colors and perfect for home and office decoration.

Burlap And Ribbon:

If you are looking for an elegant and cute idea, then using burlap and ribbon is the best choice for you. For this, you need to cut small pieces of burlap and place it over the pot, excluding the bottom and the top exposed.  Then, use different color ribbons and tie around the pot.

So, which one decorative flower pots ideas you try?